Rapid Prototype Manifold Program

Get manifold prototypes in 6-8 weeks.

Long lead time components are not ideal for designers trying to get new machines to market. For production builds they are manageable, but if you need a prototype, you cannot wait standard lead times to get your design tested and approved to go to production. We understand that.

Working with HydraForce, we have a Rapid Prototype Manifold Program that will get you a prototype in 6-8 weeks.  In addition, you will get your first production or pilot run in less than 15 weeks. 

Here are some guidelines: 

  1. Lead time begins once the design is approved, and the order is received and approved. 

  1. Maximum 3 pieces for prototype and maximum 25 for pilot/first production run. 

  1. Prototypes will not be anodized or plated. 

  1. Content is limited to 15 total valves per manifold. 

There are many benefits to using HydraForce manifolds. Hydraforce manifolds are designed for energyrapid-prototype.png efficiency--reducing pressure loss and reducing heat. Highly automated processes and controls ensure a consistent, reliable product. Every HydraForce manifold goes through a minimum of four cleaning and deburring operations. All production aluminum manifolds are anodized for cleanliness, added surface hardening and corrosion protection. Ductile and steel manifolds are zinc plated. Every HydraForce manifold is hydraulic function-tested to a documented customer/product-specific test procedure. 

At Quality Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Inc., we understand the urgency for prototype parts so that you can get the proper testing on your new equipment designs.  Whether it is custom manifold systems or any other fluid power or electrical component that you need fast, give us a call, and let us work for you. 

Quality Hydraulics works diligently to provide the services required by the industrial and mobile fluid power OEM and user markets in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.  

Call us at 847-680-8400 to get started or send an email to info@qualityhydraulics.com.