Moog Repair Service

Moog offers standard, state-of-the-art repair services.

Moog products eligible for repair include proportional and servo valves, RKP and RKP II pumps, and Moog electronic interface devices.

These products are returned to the Moog factory for inspection and estimated cost of repair. Customers are advised of estimated costs prior to any repairs being performed. Utilizing the Moog factory repair service guarantees that only original new Moog parts will be used in the product repair.

The Moog factory repair service returns the product – valve, pump, or electronic component – to a “new” condition and specification, which then allows Moog to offer a new component warranty on that component. All products are fully documented, recording the model number and serial number so a complete history is maintained for each valve that passes through the Moog repair process.

Moog only sells new parts to authorized distributors. Unauthorized repair houses may work with used parts they have scavenged from previously used valves and pumps. Or, they may have remanufactured a part which doesn’t meet the standards and specifications of new Moog original parts.

Occasionally, Moog will offer a “trade up” or “trade in” discount to replace either a competitor’s valve or an older style Moog valve. Customers can frequently upgrade their systems when using this special Moog trade-in program

"It has been a pleasure working with Quality Hydraulics for the past year. Your knowledge and customer service has been superior to other suppliers I have worked with in the past. We have noticed less downtime due to repair-replacement lead times, specifically with Moog valves. The quality of the repair is noticeably better than other repair houses because the valves are repaired using all brand new genuine Moog parts.

I would not go to anyone else for these repairs after seeing firsthand the benefits of going through Quality Hydraulics. Again, thank you for providing me with excellent repair/replacement services, as well as top-notch customer service."

Doug K. Maintenance Manager

Moog Servo Valve Repair Process.  

Moog Servovalves and Proportional Valves are used in the most demanding motion control applications around the world. We have built a strong reputation on their reliability and versatile performance. Whether your repair consists of an inspection, cleaning and calibration or part replacement, Moog is the only one with the expertise and global systems to ensure quality repair by using original parts.