Machine Control Solutions

Leveraging years of experience and the technical expertise of our on-staff Electrical Engineers as well as our many Certified Fluid Power Specialists, Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc., provides custom machine control solutions.

The custom solutions may involve one or an integrated combination of these technologies:

  • Hydraulic components
  • Pneumatic components
  • Electrical control components
  • Electronic control components and systems

Our experience has taken existing customer machinery and increased the potential for production by as much as 30%. Proportional and/or servo machine controls are able to add both acceleration and deceleration controls, which contribute to the increased production potential without affecting the machine’s basic structure.

Servo machine control products can also increase the machine’s repeatability and reliability and therefore also increase the machine service life. Both PCs (personal computers) and PLCs (programmable logic controllers) may combine with the control products to provide additional machine flexibility and multi-configuration potential.

The simplest control solution, which also provides the highest levels of repeatability and reliability, is always preferred. Control solutions chosen not for their level of complexity, but rather to be as user-friendly and maintenance free as possible.

Quality Hydraulics personnel, in conjunction with their represented manufacturers, can specify, develop, build, and integrate motion control products on any system from simple individual sensors to complex PLC-controlled motion control operations. Control solutions will be customer-specific and may also include electrical specifications, schematics, and layout diagrams.