Component Design & Integration

When standard fluid power components just don’t quite meet the application requirements, custom component design and integration can often provide the solution.

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Quality Systems and Controls, LLC, our engineering affiliate, has both the experience and the personnel to assist with your specific applications.

Custom hydraulic design services and/or component integration could be as simple as starting with a standard valve manifold assembly, and then adding a pressure transducer, an electronic controller, and the control logic program. This “custom” set of equipment could be used to meet a precise pressure control requirement, such as that utilized on a roll tension machine.

The integration could also be a very complex multiple linear axis control application. This might include hydraulic cylinders with integral feedback sensors, servo proportional control valves, surge flow accumulators, and electronic closed loop controllers. Hydraulic services design might be used to interface between the multiple linear axis system and the customer’s control system.

These custom or integrated systems can be especially useful to OEM’s as this design approach can be customized for the OEM’s particular piece of equipment and application. This makes the customized assembly end product a proprietary item for the OEM.

Custom component design systems will take advantage of the full range of standard hydraulic products available while also utilizing the creative engineering expertise and years of fluid power system design experience on our staff.

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