Hydraulics, Pneumatics and System Integration

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. excels in both designing and supplying fully integrated systems, including hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical/electronic systems for motion control applications.

Contact Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. for system design, hydraulic and pneumatic component sales, customer service and certified support.

This includes complete systems for the metals market (steel mills), test stands for high-pressure testing of hydraulics, and diesel engine associated components.

Systems integration includes an intensive consideration of and exemplary answers for:

  • Competitive advantage that is specific to the application and system requirement
  • Cost reduction through rapid response and reduced component lead time
  • Competitive prices – the best product for the best price
  • Continuous needs assessment
  • Reduced development lead time
  • Increased component and system reliability
  • Solutions for even the most complex or obscure system problems
  • Highest quality standards for both components and workmanship
  • Extended system service life
  • Innovative system solutions

Integrated systems solutions may also include the application of custom manifolds used with DIN style cartridges, filter manifolds, or cylinder mounted manifolds. Hydraulic systems integration also includes the appropriate complete hydraulic and electrical package.

Where applicable, systems iIntegration packages may also employ specialized electro-mechanical actuators that are able to perform the functions equivalent to those of hydraulic position, velocity and pressure control actuators.