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Hydraulic Servo Valves

Servo valves provide the amplification of a very small, low-power command signal, converting that low power signal to develop large forces at an actuator. Servo valve systems feature high response characteristics, high reliability, accurate position control, accurate velocity control and force control. Servo systems can improve machine production rates up to 30%.

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. applies servo valves in the metals industry, power generation, plastics industry, and other fields that require the benefits of servo valve systems such as new applications, replacement applications, upgrades, or repairs. We have represented and applied Moog servo valves since 1995. We have the knowledge and experience to achieve successful performance of your servo systems.

Quality Hydraulics and our partner, Moog, Inc., offer a discount under certain circumstances if an existing servo valve is replaced with a Moog servo valve and the existing servo valve is returned to Moog. All repairs come with a new valve warranty.

NOTE: Most important in the servo system is the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid. Contaminated fluid causes 90% of servo valve failure. Hydraulic actuators and pumps are major contributors to fluid contamination in any hydraulic system. Servo systems perform best and last longer when the system includes a pressure line filter, return line filter and kidney loop filter.

Quality Hydraulics has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to monitor and work with you to achieve superior fluid cleanliness for long life of your Servo Systems.

We also specify and supply Hydraulic Power Units and Complete Hydraulic Systems.

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