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Proportional Valves

Quality Hydraulics distributes proportional valves manufactured by ALA/Yuken, Dynex/Rivett, HydraForce, Hydrolux, Moog, and Nachi.

Proportional valves are controlled by a variable electrical signal that controls the stroking of the valve spool over metering ports. This produces a variable flow of fluid thereby providing the ability to vary the speed of the actuator being controlled. The result: actuator direction control and velocity control in one valve. By adding additional features to proportional valves, these valves are used in accurate position, velocity, and force control systems.

Proportional Valves

  • Flow ranges from 0.5 GPM to 300 GPM
  • Pressure ranges up to 12,000 PSI
  • Proportional relief valves
  • Proportional pressure-reducing valves
  • Proportional flow control valves
  • Proportional directional control valves

We are an authorized distributor for ALA/Yuken, Dynex/Rivett, HydraForce, Hydrolux, Moog, and Nachi Hydraulics. Contact Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. for pricing and information.

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Proportional Directional Control Valves

The Difference Between Proportional vs. Directional vs. Servo Valves

  • Proportional Valve Hydraforce
  • Proportional Valves used as hydraulic solutions
  • Moog proportional valves available through Quality Hydraulics serving Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.