Pressure Control Valves

Quality Hydraulics distributes pressure control valves in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.

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Pressure control valves are common in both pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. In pneumatic circuits, pressure control valves are used primarily to regulate the source of air supply pressure to a control circuit but can also be used in branch circuits as an isolated source of energy for specific applications. Pressure control valves are also used to relieve access pressure as required.

Hydraulic pressure control valves are used to relieve pressure, reduce pressure, counterbalance a load, sequence the movements of actuators, unload a pump to low pressure, and act as a brake in decelerating and stopping motion.

Pneumatic Pressure Control Valves 

  • Pressure regulators
  • Pressure relief

Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves

  • Pressure relief
  • Pressure reducing
  • Sequence valve
  • Unloading valve
  • Brake valve
  • Counterbalance valve

Quality Hydraulics provides pneumatic pressure control valves from Ross Controls and Monnier, and hydraulic pressure control valves from ARGO-HYTOSALA/YukenHydraForce, Hydrolux, and Nachi Hydraulics.

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