Quality Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Inc. distributes telematics modules to provide access to data on remote machines and data to the cloud. 

Telematics is the flow of equipment data that allows machine users and manufacturers to improve performance and increase profitability. 

Telematics modules integrate into systems to:

  • Increase vehicle availability
  • Optimize scheduled service time for a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles
  • Avoid unplanned service needs
  • Coordinate  many machines in a workflow to increase productivity
  • Protect your vehicles from theft
  • Use dynamic operational and geographic data to minimize downtime
  • Increase aftermarket parts sales
  • Customize end user feature/benefits


  • Remote access to key parameters of vehicle operation
  • Dynamic real-time service, also via Internet
  • Remote maintenance (such as software updates, diagnostics, calibrations)
  • Integration with a coordinated workflow
  • Transmission of data and status or error messages via GSM/GPRS
  • Location and navigation with the addition of a GPS module
  • Reduction/elimination of wires

Telematics hardware supplied by HydraForce and STW Technic. Call 1-847-680-8400 or email us for pricing and assistance.

Telematics modules, controllers and hardware for hydraulic equipment applications

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