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Air Valves

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. distributes air valves by  Ross Controls® in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. 

Base-mounted Valves

ANSI, SAE, ISO 5599/I, ISO 5599/II Spool & Sleeve Valves; ANSI, SAE, ISO 5599/I Poppet Valves; 3/2 Mini Solenoid Valves; EnergySaver Valves; ISO Valves and Serial Bus Communication Products    

Line-mounted Valves

Compact 3/2 & 4/2 Valves; 2/2, 3/2, 4/2 High or Low Temperature and General Purpose Poppet Valves; High Flow and Compact Design Poppet Valves

Manual & Mechanical Valves

CAM, Pushbutton, Lever Operated, Pedal, Treadle Manual Valves; Pendant Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

Quick Exhaust Valves

Shuttle Valves

Check Valves

Safety Pneumatic Solutions

DM2® Series with Dynamic Monitoring and Dynamic Memory, 35 Series (SERPAR® Crossflow) with L-G, E-P or D-S monitors or 77 Series (CROSSMIRROR®) with dynamic monitoring

Custom Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience, from simple to complex, Quality Hydraulics can meet your specific needs whether simply changing a connector type on an existing product or creating a new product.

Dale Series from ROSS Controls Today, we're looking at the Dale Series from ROSS Controls. This series includes manifold compact poppet valves and inline poppet valves, all of which are leak-tight.

ROSS Controls - Pilot Operated Check Valves Eric from ROSS Controls discusses Pilot Operated Check Valves. ROSS solution for cylinder position holding applications. Compliant to ANSI B11.1, CSA 142, NR12, EN13736 safety standards.

ROSS Controls - Stamping Press Automatic Counter Balance Valve Systems. Bill from ROSS Controls discusses Stamping Press Automatic Counter Balance Valve Systems. Works with the press controls and pressure transducer to compensate forces in upper die slide weight while maximizing efficiency and reducing overall energy requirements. Compliant to ANSI B11.1, CSA 142, NR12, EN 692 safety standards.

  • solenoid air valve
  • compressed air flow control valve
  • Air valves
  • Air operated valve by Ross Controls
  • Air flow valves
  • Manual air valve from Ross Controls
  • Air release valve
  • Air line check valves
  • Air actuated valve by Ross Controls
  • Air actuated valves
  • Ross Valves distributed by Quality Hydraulics in Illinois.
  • Ross Valves distributed by Quality Hydraulics in Illinois. Get part numbers, pricing and product information.

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