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Hydraulics for plastic molding equipment

Plastic Molding Equipment

In the Plastics industry, fluid power plays a critical role in the equipment used to produce the end product. Minimal downtime is essential to a successful operation. Modern machinery utilizes close tolerance components such as proportional and servo valves for precision and speed. Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. is an Authorized Moog repair and product distributor.

The results of improperly maintained systems are all too common since contamination is the number one cause for system and component failure. When systems are designed and operated properly, downtime can be reduced. Targeted fluid cleanliness levels must be maintained to achieve the desired system output. Quality Hydraulics provides a variety of fluid analysis test equipment to measure your system.  We work with you to verify your system’s current contamination level, to determine your target cleanliness level, and to develop a plan to achieve the desired cleanliness results.

After your system is set up properly and maintained, you will attain the benefits of lower downtime, fewer repairs, lower replacement costs, and more reliable product and output.

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