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Authorized Elesa distributor of hydraulic tank accessories, including standard and specialty designs.

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The Elesa column fluid indicator is available in many different configurations. One of the most specialized column indicators utilizes a transparent polyamide technolopolymer which is highly resistant to shocks, solvents, oils with additives, aromatic hydrocarbons, petrol, naphtha, and phosphoric esters. It is specially assembled using ultrasound welding which guarantees a perfect seal between the component’s parts.

In addition to their cutting edge column fluid indicators for hydraulic reservoirs, Elesa also designs and manufactures a full range of hydraulic system accessories including:

  • reservoir breather caps
  • level sight glasses
  • electronic indicators
  • fill and drain plugs
  • flanges
  • threaded level indicators.

From its research and development division in Italy, to its 31 international design awards, and supported by its 40 year distribution presence in the United States, Elesa USA Corporation has consistently set the bar for design quality and originality.




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