Moog Improved Gas Valve

By Rudy Vadbunker

During the past few years, external demands have required manufacturers of power generation components to provide ever more robust and innovative designs to increase turbine uptime and reliability.

One such improvement by Moog, a major player in supplying specialized components to the power generation market, is the re-engineering of both its gas valve and inlet guide vane (IGV) actuator for longer and more reliable service life. The new benefits of the improved designs include:
•    Reduced abrasion
•    High-performance proprietary surface coating to extend seal life
•    Advanced seal technology to eliminate seal binding and leakage
•    A stainless steel rod to further prevent corrosion
The results of all these improvements combine to prolong turbine life and prevent downtime.

Specifications by the power generation original equipment manufacturers require that the Gas Valve and IGV Servo-actuators provide at least 30,000 cycles per year. This translates into an actuator travel of close to 31 miles, accumulated by individual strokes of only 1.25 inches. During the formulation and implementation of all these improvements, Moog committed to applying millions of test cycles under actual field conditions to validate the design.

The enhanced servo-actuator design is now available to the general marketplace to easily replace gas valve and IGV actuators currently in service. Moog offers an exchange inventory for planned outages or emergencies in key operations around the world. Special actuators for easy and quick turnaround are also stocked both at Moog and its authorized distributors, including Quality Hydraulics.

This is merely one example of Quality Hydraulics’ partnership with manufacturers to provide the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced components in the industry.

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