Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

By Tom Eystad, CFPS

Custom hydraulic manifolds are designed to integrate a combination of functions into a single assembly. They simplify system plumbing and reduce the required number of connections which decreases potential leak points in the system. Custom hydraulic manifolds offer flexibility in design as well as being compact and reliable.

Functioning components integrated into the custom manifold, such as screw-in or slip-in cartridge valves, are more readily serviced without disturbing the integrity of the system. Combining many control functions into one custom manifold assembly will reduce system assembly time as well as labor costs.

These custom or integrated systems can be especially useful to OEMs as this approach can be customized for the OEMs particular piece of equipment and specific application. This makes the final customized assembly a proprietary item for the OEM.

Custom component design systems take advantage of the full range of standard hydraulic products available while also utilizing the creative engineering expertise and years of fluid power system design experience on our staff. Quality Hydraulics offers custom manifold design assistance. We invite you to read more about hydraulic manifolds or visit the HydraForce page. Contact us for information at 847-680-8400 or via email.