Proper Filter Sizing for Hydraulics

By Jeff Brady

The proper filter size is critical to ensure machine reliability as well as prolonged component life.

The hydraulic system pressure will determine the correct filter housing pressure rating. The fluid type, either petroleum based or synthetic type, will dictate both the filter media and seals that can be used. What is the ambient operating temperature of your system? This parameter allows selection of both the proper housing size and element size in order to minimize pressure drop. Minimizing pressure drop will maximize the system’s overall performance. Over-sizing the filter housing and element will prolong element life and future flexibility, but adds to the initial machine cost.

The filter media is determined by the ISO cleanliness rating required by the most contamination-sensitive component in the system. This information is available from the component’s manufacturer – or contact us at Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics to have one of our Certified Fluid Power Specialists assist in properly sizing the filter requirements.