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Your source for Concentric gear pumps, gear motors and power units, including Vickers gear pumps, in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.

From its Rockford, Illinois founding in 1929 to its current operation as Concentric AB on the Swedish Stock Exchange, the company is very much an exercise in modern-day industrial acquisition and consolidation. The company divested itself of all unrelated manufacturing activities in 2005 to concentrate exclusively on the production of hydraulic products. Now one of the world’s leading hydraulic gear product manufacturers, Concentric has facilities in Sweden, Germany, the UK, USA, India and China.

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. is able to take advantage of Concentric’s nearly 100 years of hydraulic gear product manufacturing experience to assist with the application of a wide assortment of industrial and mobile applications. Concentric’s state-of-the-art gear pump technology has provided solutions for systems including cooling fan drives, axle cooling, agricultural rotary drives, electro-hydraulic lifting, brake and steering, and transmission clutch actuation.

Whether consulting on a standard or custom application, Quality Hydraulics takes the lead in accurately specifying the proper gear product to achieve space savings, optimum performance, noise reduction, and reasonable cost.

Concentric Rockford Distributor serving Illinois, Iowa & Indiana

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Serving Illinois, Iowa and Indiana

Serving Illinois, Iowa and Indiana

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